Our JINYOUNG CO. has been the professional incorporation of manufacturing and designing    and consultation  of technology  about the MILLING MACHINE TOOL as well as the MOLD    since it was established in 1986.
   We have got experience and accumulating  technology in this field for many years.
   As a result, we have the ability of being able to carry outour business economically and    efficiently.

   We have produced the ER COLLET by our own technology.  
   Moreover we are always doing our best to offer you the most excellent products with the    best quality and moderate prices.

   We will not only develop new products to meet with changing customer's desire but also    make an effort to guarantee increase the profits of your company.


   Main Products

   ▣ Jer collet chuck (MAS403/DIN69871/ISO)
   ▣ Jer collet (DIN6499-B)
   ▣ Milling chuck (MAS403/DIN69871/ISO)
   ▣ Milling chuck Straight collet
   ▣ Pull stud bolt
   ▣ Holder & Adaptor  & Sleeve (MAS403/DIN69871/ISO)


    5Lt 112Bl, Namdong Industrial Estate 655-4, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Ku, Incheon Korea

    TEL: 82-32-816-9925~6     FAX: 82-32-816-9927

    E-mail: jycollet@lycos.co.kr     jinyoungcollet@hotmail.com

    Website : http://jycollet.co.kr